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How it all started

Masters Never End'n Farm & Rescue

This farm was started by the grace of our gracious Lord God, and the love of our family. I have always loved animals, but my dream was to have a farm and share the experience with others. I didn't realize my heart was about to take a drastic change into rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected, elderly, and unwanted pet pigs. My first pig in 2016, Matilda, my sweet and lovely girl, changed my life. My first rescue in 2018, Snuggles, changed my heart. I never relieved the need for shelters for pet pigs until I was in the heart and soul of so many needing homes. This is where my farm turned to rescuing pigs to give them their best life.


 Mission Statement

Masters Never End’n Farm & Rescue will rescue,

rehabilitate, rehome, and allow residence for pigs

so they may live their best life with us. Our Farm

provides a safe and nurturing haven for

abandoned, neglected, abused, obese, and elderly

pet pigs. There are many shelters, rehabs, and

sanctuaries for most domestic companions as dogs,

cats, horses, and wildlife sanctuaries but not so

many for pigs. As the mini pigs are becoming more

acceptable as companions in homes and for

families, the rise for rescues and sanctuaries is in

need. We are here to help save the animals and give

them the chance of life they deserve. Our rescue

will educate those misinformed about pet pigs and

strive to share correct information to the

community so pet pig companions can live their

best life in a healthy and safe environment for all



My Vision is to be able to continue rescuing animals as I can with support and donations from the community. I want to grow a peaceful atmosphere for birthday parties, gatherings, and families to enjoy the animals hands on and experience the tranquility of nature and how beautiful it is. My goal is to have a venue for others to enjoy the farm with birthday parties, tours, photo opportunities, and educational classes. 

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